If you’re planning a trip to Dublin’s Fair City with the little ones, you’re probably wondering how to keep them occupied. Luckily Dublin has a huge range of activities to keep both parents and children happy. So much that you’ll want to stay longer! Here are our picks of the best:

Viking Splash Tour

This is one not only a whole lot of fun but is very educational and interesting for all age groups. In a sea of tour buses, the Viking Splash is unique in that it not only travels down the ancient streets of Dublin but magically turns into a boat halfway through and continues the tour from the beautiful River Liffey. You can learn about the Viking settlements in Dublin alongside the history of the city in a very family friendly atmosphere with informative and hilarious guides. The best part is scaring unwitting pedestrians with synchronised Viking roars!

Croke Park Stadium

If your little ones are sports mad, take a trip to Ireland’s premier sports venue and take part in a really interesting tour around Croke Park. The tour includes a trip around the grounds, to the GAA Museum and even the players changing rooms so your little ones can really sit in the seats of their heroes. Finish off your tour with a visit to the amazing Skyline Tour with the older children (1.2m height min) for the best views of Dublin.

Dublin Zoo

Zoos are a great place to bring children to in any city but Dublin Zoo is extra special. The conservation and breeding programmes are second to none and we have hugely diverse species of animals and wildlife. The zoo is extremely child-friendly and there are activities and feeding times throughout the day to keep everyone busy. You will need a full day to get around the zoo as it is a giant 28-hectare park, containing over 400 animals. Make sure to check out the brilliant Gorilla Rainforest which mimics the natural habit of the monkeys in the wild.

Phoenix Park

One of the first steps to get children running around and leaving the iPads at home is to give them the space to do it! Lucky Ireland's capital is home to the largest park of any capital city in Europe and is twice the size of Central Park in New York. Spend the day in the Phoenix Park exploring all of its nooks and crannies, running around its rolling fields or you could rent a bike at a very reasonable price and explore on two wheels. We love how much there is to do in the park, among which is an old army fort, ideal for using your imaginations and telling stories about the brave soldiers who used to live there.

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