Although Dublin is a relatively small city, there are literally hundreds of things to do here. Every street has another pub, museum or cool quirky attraction to discover. The best way to explore Dublin is definitely by bike, it gives you the freedom to go off the beaten track and doesn’t tie you down to strict tour bus timetables and routes. Here are some of the best places to see by bike:

Where to get a bike

First of all, where do you get a bike? You can sign up for theDublin Bikes Scheme which has numerous pick-up and drop off points around the city and at most of the main attractions. For a small refundable deposit and a very reasonable hourly fee, you are given the freedom to explore any part of the city you want! If you want to avoid the deposit you can rent with River Cycles at an hourly or all day rate. Just ensure you get a lock and lock up your bike any time you get off.

Where to go

Start your day on the bike with a trip to Dublin Castle on Dublin’s bustling Dame Street. The castle was built in 1204 and was originally used as a residence for the British Viceroy of Ireland and later given to the government newly-independent Irish state. It is used these days to host state visits, as a conference centre, and tourist attraction. Continue your cycle to Temple Bar, less than 5 minutes away. Temple bar is a busy hub of bars restaurants and shops spread over cobbled pedestrian lanes and is of huge cultural significance in Dublin. You’ll be treated to Irish Traditional music emanating from its many pubs, whatever time of the day you visit. There are some lovely local craft and vintage shops there too, like Jam Art Factory and Siopaella. A place of a huge historical significance is next on the list after a quick jaunt across the River Liffey. The General Post Office is the largest central post office in Ireland and was the site of a deadly battle between English soldiers and Irish revolutionaries on Easter Monday 1916. There are still bullet holes visible in the gigantic stone columns at the front of the GPO. Continue past the GPO down to Dublin’s main thoroughfare O'Connell Street. The street is filled with ornate and beautiful buildings and leads on to Henry/Mary street which contains all of the usual high street and high-end stores. O ‘Connell street also has a giant stainless steel pin-like monument in the centre called The Spire which rises 120m in height.

The Garden of Remembrance lies at the very tip of O’Connell street and is a colourful and peaceful haven in the centre of the city. The garden is dedicated to the memory of "all those who gave their lives in the cause of Irish Freedom".

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