How do you usually book your hotel room? Do you use an online travel agent like or do you prefer to call the hotel directly to make sure you’re getting the best price? Here are some of the many benefits of cutting out the middleman and booking your hotel room directly with the property.

Benefits to the hotel 


Did you know that online travel agents (OTAs) receive a huge commission on every booking that comes to the hotel through them? The commission can be anything from 10-25% forcing hotels to increase their rates and lowering the overall profit for the company. Booking direct not only cuts out the third party but allows hotels to control rising costs associated with OTAs.

Support local

When you book direct, you can be sure that every cent of your money is being absorbed back into the hotel and not lining the pockets of huge multi-national corporations. More money in the hotel means we can afford to employ local people, keeping money in the country and giving our local town support and opportunities for employment. It also gives us the opportunity to reinvest in the hotel décor and facilities, ensure that every guest has a fantastic stay

Benefits to the guest 


Often OTAs have strict cancellation policies, which cannot be amended or controlled by the hotel. Booking direct not only gives us the option to set our own cancellation policies (usually by 4 pm the day before you are due to arrive) but offers more flexibility when plans change at the last minute.


Did you know that hotels usually favor their direct booking guests when it comes to upgrades, special offers, and in-room extras? When you book direct, you will get exclusive access to our loyalty club, you’ll see special offers that aren’t available anywhere else and complimentary mineral water in your room to refresh you after your trip.

Best rate guarantee

There is a misconception that when you book with a travel agent, they can offer lower rates than booking with the hotel directly. This is untrue; if anything they have inflated rates to cover the huge commission they take. When you book directly with IMI Residence, you are 100% guaranteed the best rate available anywhere. We are so committed to this promise; we’re offering a guarantee that our direct price will be at least €5 less than any price you see online.

Our best available rate is available both on our website and by calling our friendly reception team.

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