Among the many benefits of exercise, walking is a great way to clear your head if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. It’s also a great cardio exercise, helping to burn calories and giving your heart a light workout. If you’re staying in IMI Residence, where is your favourite spot for a walk or hike? We’ve put together a list of your favourite walks to spark your sense of adventure in the Dublin or Wicklow countryside.

Ticknock Hill – 10-minute drive to start point

Nestled in the hills behind Sandyford, the Ticknock Hill train offers a great network of mountain and forest walks, with something to suit all abilities. The route is just under 6km to walk which usually takes about two hours, with plenty of stops to admire the stunning views of the city. You’ll learn a little about the history of the area along the way with an old rifle range and a mound of stones that actually sits on a passage tomb from the Bronze Age.

Carrickgollogan Forest Walk – 20-minute drive to start point

Just a few minutes off the M50, Carrickgollogan Forest Walk is one of the countries hidden gems. Two of the main attractions in Carrickgollogan are the viewing rock at Carrickgollogan Hill and the now disused lead mine chimney at the northern boundary. The Lead Mines Way Loop is just 2.5km so even the most inexperienced walkers can take part. No trip to Carrickgollogan would be complete without visiting the viewing rock. Located just off the Wicklow Mountains the stunning views will leave you and your camera satisfied.

Bushy Park/The Dodder Walk – 20-minute drive to start point

Starting at the River Liffey near Grand Canal and continuing past Bushy Park to Rathfarnham, The Dodder Walk is a very easy stroll, perfect for a weekend morning. The banks of the Dodder have some of the most tranquil and beautiful views of the south side of the city and best of all, you won’t need maps, poles or walking boots to enjoy it. The walk is approximately 5km and if you pass through Bushy Park, you can also enjoy lunch at the Saturday Market.

Tibradden Mountain Walk - 20-minute drive to start point

Tibradden Wood lies between Cruagh and Kilmashogue mountains, just 20-minutes from IMI Residence and perfect for a mildly challenging walk. The highest point on Tibradden has a great archaeological feature, an open cairn and kist burial site; it’s also a great place for a breather and to take in the fantastic views. The walk is less than 5km and you won’t need boots or a map as it’s well marked. You might even end your walk in the Merry Ploughboy pub and restaurant and enjoy a delicious dinner or a snack before you head back.

Wicklow Way – 11 minutes’ drive to start point

Beginning at the Marlay Park House, the Wicklow Way is a 131-kilometre long-distance trail that crosses the Wicklow Mountains and ends in the village of Clonegal in County Carlow. It’s certainly not something you would undertake without a lot of training and planning or without previous experience of hiking. You might decide to do a certain distance, enough to experience the unspoilt beauty, passing mountains, lakes, ruined building & monastic settlements before turning back to enjoy a night in IMI Residence to rest and recover.

Airfield Estate - 5-minute drive to start point

For a more leisurely perambulation, Airfield is very close to us and while you won’t experience the best views of the county, you can enjoy the picturesque 38-acre estate in your own time. Home to the Overend family since 1894, Airfield House was left to the people of Ireland by Letitia and Naomi Overend in 1974. The formidable sisters understood the importance of being self-sufficient and sustainability, running a farm, a manor house, gardens and even learning how to service their cars themselves. Today you can visit and explore the grounds and house at your leisure or attend one of their creative events and programmes.

If you’re planning an outdoor adventure in Dublin of Wicklow, make sure your accommodation affords you Warmth, safety and luxury when you return. Book your stay in IMI residence on our official website for exclusive access to our best available rates and special offers.

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