If you are planning to travel to Dublin and want to enjoy a luxury experience in the city, here are our pick of the best things to do to make your experience feel first class. You can spruce up every part of your trip, including dining, places to visit and accommodation. 1. Botanic Gardens Located on the North side of Dublin, The Botanic Gardens are an oasis of calm and beauty in an otherwise bustling city. The ga...

If you’ve never visited Dublin, be prepared for a city that feels alive both day and night. During the day, get lost in the hustle and bustle of workers, shoppers, and tourists popping in and out of their accommodation in Dublin. Just because your daytime sightseeing has come to an end, the fun doesn’t have to come to an end. Here’s what to do to enjoy Dublin by night:

Restaurants  We’ll start with the obvious.

How do you usually book your hotel room? Do you use an online travel agent like booking.com? or do you prefer to call the hotel directly to make sure you’re getting the best price? Here are some of the many benefits of cutting out the middleman and booking your hotel room directly with the property.
Benefits to the hotel  
Did you know that online travel agents (OTAs) receive a huge commission on every booking that comes to the hotel through t...

Dundrum Shop

Dublin is the shopping capital of Ireland and we have our own unique sense of identity when it comes to clothes and fashion. A quick walk through the city and you’ll notice our style-savvy residents sporting an eclectic mix of designer, vintage and second-hand pieces. On a local level, many of the latest trends and classic looks can be found in Dundrum Town Centre along with other fun activities.
High-street fashion
If you’re looking for fast fashion and the latest trends...

IMI Gyming

If you travel a lot for work and like to take care of your health, you’ll know the importance of keeping your routine wherever you are. Here are our tips for staying active, even when you’re on the road:
Health benefits
We don’t need to tell you how important a good fitness routine is. exercise should be as regular, and as important as brushing your teeth; something that you do without thinking no matter where you are and what you’re doing. While travelling it’s easy ...